[Download Phim] Bikini Destinations Triple Fantasy BluRay 720P

Password : hdmovie.vn
Chuẩn Rip : HD 720p
Dung lượng : >2GB
Năm sản xuất : 2010

Bikini Destination’s Triple Fantasy brings you the world’s most beautiful women in some of the world’s most beautiful locales. In crisp, clear widescreen high definition, join these top models as they lose their bikinis and set sail on a series of sexy adventures.

…This is one episode from an original series that was on HD Net a few years ago. Each ‘destination’ was unique. Palm Desert, Brazil, Cabo San Lucas, Santa Barbara, Moscow, Hawaii, etc… And each show featured about 4-6 different girls. Its shot in 1080p and looks great. The women look incredible, but the fact that its HD shows every flaw.

Let me make this clear… this is not porn. Its just bikins on the beach. No men to be seen. Only ladies frolicking in the water and looking nice. They are not touching themselves either, in case you were wondering. And I know you were. Nope.

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