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Mình sưu tầm được mấy cái backround noel đẹp để trang hoàng web / blog / màn hình của bạn mùa giáng sinh – năm mới, cùng chia sẽ với các bạn. 

Kích thước gốc: 1600 x 900px
Kích thước gốc: 1208 x 230px
Kích thước gồc: 1600 x 312px
Kích thước gốc: 1440 x 930px
Kích thước gốc: 1280 x 727px
Kích thước gốc: 252 x 399px
Kích thước gốc; 1600 x 351px
Kích thước gốc: 1600 x 900px



The intention and initiative for this blog post was pretty simple. We are about a month away (as this article was posted) from Christmas. As the holiday is getting nearer, we thought it’s about time to decorate the desktop while counting down.

Let’s leave the recession drama aside, and celebrate this holiday season with true Christmas spirit. But first, you might want to dress up the desktop a little bit. Here are some really Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers for your desktop.

Here are more Christmas wallpaper posts we’ve previously published:

Full list after jump.

Updates: Christmas wallpapers with error in links has been removed. If you’ve encounter more errors, do not hesitate to contact us. (07-16-2012)

HalloThanksmas II – by moroka323

Yellow Snow – by Scott Jackson

Felices Fiestas – by Martin Laksman

Mixxer – by Maquita

A Small Gift For Christmas – by Vladstudio

X-mas Wallpapers – by Lydia-distracted
Comes in collection of 3 different Christmas wallpapers.

Christmas gifts – by Wallpaperz

HeX’s Christmas Wallpaper – by Vickson
Wallpapers come in 4 different resolutions. 800×600, 1280×768, 1280×800 and 1280×1024.

TRAVEL10 Christmas Wallpaper Pack – by Petercui
Total of 18 Wallpapers in this Package, all in 1280×1024.

The 5th Anniversary – by hybridoworks

Snow man snow child – by VladStudio

Snow Man – by dimpo

Sweet Christmas Desktop – by

Santa – by Sabriena

NOEL New Year Wallpaper – by Vladstudio

Merry Christmas, Xmas, New Year wallpaper – by

Labbit – by p!ng

Kitty Santa

Christmas Tree

Christmas Time – by emblym

Ice Flakes

Ice Firs

Green Christmas – by tokyoplastic

Frosted – by Vladstudio

BlueBear – by chinesesoftballchick

Christmas XP Sample Wallpaper – by deleket

Christmas HD Wallpapers – by

Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie

Candy Christmas – by

Christmas cowboys

Christmas login – XP Version – by Vladstudio

Christmas Volcano – by Vladstudio

Christmas Wallpaper – by abduzeedo

Sweet Holidays – by A-Little-Kitty

Merry christmas – by anoop-pc

Merry Christmas Wallpaper – by deadPxl

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas – by DigitalPhenom

My Christmas tree – by ilona

Merry Christmas – by vikas

Waiting For The Miracle – by Vladstudio

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